Welcome to Canvasscorp

Our team comprises qualified professionals who have strong rapport with Global Talent Pool and have experience in multiple disciplines including Human Resources, Technology, Sales and Marketing. Our team consists of highly ambitious knowledgeable and confident recruiters with great service attitude which is coupled with a desire to excel and innovate.

Our Services :

✻  Canvass Corp provide a full suite of recruitment services across all levels

✻  Candidate profile consulting

✻  Pre-screening and validation of prospective candidates

✻  Outsourcing & Payroll run

✻  Post interview support for closure


“ To create high value relationships with clients and prospective employees by marrying talent with opportunity and growth backed by world class services. ”


“ We will strive to be the premier recruitment service provider for our clients by constantly raising the excellence bar. ”


“ We are a value driven firm, we value Quality, Integrity, People, Teamwork and Confidentiality. ”